11 Easy to use SEO Tips for Simple Optimisation

11 Simple SEO Tips
If you are looking for quick and easy to use SEO tips that you can implement right away with not too much effort, your in the right place.

These tips are not listed in order of importance, they are all definitely things to think about whilst creating pages.

These easy SEO practises are sometimes overlooked by even the best marketers and SEO gurus, but they can be very beneficial in the short and the long term and potentially make you more money online. You don't have to use all of the tips listed here but at least think about a few of them when creating your next project.

Beginning of Title

You should try to position your strongest keywords at the start of the title. Sometimes search engines can give the  first few words of a title more emphasis, the order you place your keywords can make a real difference.

Length of Title

Try to keep page titles short but descriptive, around 65 Characters is a good length. If your titles are to long they will be truncated by search engines, so its best to keep them short if possible.

Don't think about Page Rank too much.

It takes time to build decent page rank, so concentrate on creating as much quality content as possible, let your site age and soon your page rank will grow. Even sites with low pr can out rank pages with high pr.

Backlinks, quality not quantity.

Its always better to obtain good quality backlinks to your site over a long period of time than obtain a whole bunch of low quality links in a short space of time. The speed at which you get backlinks can affect rankings, so take it easy. Bad backlinks can have a long term affect on your sites rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

We need keywords in our pages, but don't over do it. Stuffing excessive amounts of keywords in your pages will have a negative effect. you want to make your content look natural, search engines love it.

Use multiple video hosting sites

Videos that pop up in Google search results aren't just from Youtube.
Make sure you upload your videos to various video hosting sites to maximise your chances. Vimeo is a good alternative choice.

Search Engine Friendly Site Navigation

Using Flash for navigation on your website can be bad news if you aren’t aware of how to make Flash objects accessible and web-crawler-friendly. Search engines have a really tough time crawling a website that uses Flash.

Unique Meta Data

Giving your pages unique meta descriptions will prevent duplicate data in search engines.
Every page should have its own set of meta data; it is just one of the things that helps search engines get a better grasp of how the structure of the website is constructed.

Image alt tags

This is something I need to think more about myself but image alt tags allow you give your images a description. Why do this? One reason to use image alt tags it so that if your images don't load for any reason the alt tag or description will be displayed instead. Your pictures will also do better in image searches.

Anchor text

If you can try to use keywords as anchor text for your links, and try to keep the text around links as descriptive and relevant as possible.

Number of links

Try to keep the number of links on any one page low as possible. I know this can be very difficult sometimes but over 100 is too many.

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